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We carry the largest inventory of new and vintage guitar parts in the Chattanooga area. This not only enables fast turn around time on repairs, but also means we are the best source for the do-it-yourself fan. If there is a part, component, switch or knob you are seeking for your guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, violin, or project, then come see us!

Warehouse Speakers are USA-made guitar speakers handbuilt in Paducah, KY.  WGS has designed over 20 custom Alnico and Ceramic magnet guitar speakers , which celebrate the golden era of speaker manufacturing in the USA and England during the 1960's and '70s. Think of these speakers as a premium upgrade. 




Veteran 30

PIG HOG VINTAGE SERIES CABLES are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable. They feature extra-thick tour grade wire, unique high quality woven jackets, performance quality connectors, and tension-resistant stress relief.

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